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Father dead, daughter critically injured after plane crashes into Tyabb house
Published by Rawdyn at 28-Apr-2014 13:04 in Aviation incidents

A father is dead and his five-year-old daughter is fighting for her life in hospital after the ultralight plane he was flying crashed into a house on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Peter Doutch, a volunteer with the State Emergency Service's Frankston unit, was flying his ultralight plane in Tyabb about 5pm on Sunday before it clipped the roof of a house on Seaview Road. 

The plane crashed only minutes after it had taken off from the nearby Tyabb Airport, a police spokeswoman confirmed. 

The plane crash claimed the life of a man in his 40s. Photo: Penny Stephens

Several neighbours said they saw the ultralight plane, known as a trike, come in to land at the airport on Sunday, but it was far off course and appeared to be in trouble. 

"It was spitting and coughing like it was running out of fuel," said Rob Boer, who witnessed the crash. 

"It wasn’t lined up with the runway. It was a couple of hundred metres off the line they usually come in on, so we knew something was wrong straight away.’’

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Qantas Plane Forced to Turn Back
Published by Rawdyn at 23-Apr-2014 09:29 in Aviation incidents

There are concerns this morning about the safety of Qantas planes, with a second jetliner forced to turn back after take-off, in less than a week.

The Melbourne-bound A-300 Airbus had to immediately return to Hong Kong International Airport on Monday night, because of an engine vibration.

It comes days after a fuel pump malfunction forced a Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne to make an emergency landing.

The airline says passengers' were never at risk, and it's not concerned about the safety of its fleet.

Source: SkyNews.com.au

More interesting discussion on MH370
Published by Rawdyn at 28-Mar-2014 07:40 in Aviation incidents

As we learn more on MH370 it's important to go back and disect how we processed information (including theories) to see where we were right and where we can improve that process next time we don't have all the facts.

Pilots Are Not Convinced By The New Malaysian Jet Theory About A Cockpit Fire

Alex Davies from Business Insider

It’s been a week and a half since Malaysia 370 disappeared, and the theory du jour comes from a former pilot.

In a Google+ post, Chris Goodfellow argued that smoke filled the cockpit, maybe from a burning tire on the front landing gear.

The pilots turned the plane toward an airport that could handle the 777, turned off the transponder along with other electronics in an effort to isolate the source of the fire, and were then overcome by smoke, he theorized.

The plane’s autopilot kept the course until it ran out of fuel and crashed hours later.

Goodfellow’s theory is appealing, we noted, because it fits the facts we have on MH370. It impressed The Atlantic’s James Fallows, himself a pilot: “His explanation makes better sense than anything else I’ve heard so far … It’s one of the few that make me think, Yes, I could see things happening that way.”

Other pilots aren’t convinced, though.

In an interview with Business Insider, Michael G. Fortune, a retired pilot who now works as an aviation consultant and expert witness, said pilots preparing to change destination “would have communicated their emergency and intentions to turn around, as well as ask for assistance and direct routing to a suitable airport from the air traffic controllers very quickly."

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